Laser Welding Services

United-Tool-Mold-6311-EditOur HTS160 Mobile laser welding system has both the flexibility and mobility to aid in the repair of both small and large tooling. The swiveling arm allows for the welding of tools, regardless of how the part lays in the tool, or the tools position. The laser welder allows for the repair of surface cracks, damaged corners and edges, damaged gates, and parting lines. The beauty of the laser welding system is that not only is it high precision, but it also has little to no discoloration of the weld and surrounding base material, due to no heat affected zone – which is an advantage with high polish and textured areas.

  • Customer support for tooling repair and Engineering changes.
  • Emergency response for mold and tooling repair 24 / 7, 365 days of the year.
  • Fast pick up and delivery service, with our own fleet of trucks.
  • Lift and repair of tooling up to 125,000 lbs (56,000kg).
  • In house Melco Texturing and Graining. Authorized Melco partner.
  • o On site repair at your facility, foreign or domestic.
  • Engineering work on 2D and 3D CAD.
  • 5 Axis Machining.
  • Laser Welding.
  • 80 USA staff, plus engineering staff in Asia.